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ZiZi Valenti is a vagabond, a wiggler, an adulteress, a trickster, a fairy princess, etc. She comes in colors everywhere, and is most likely found lurking in dark corners or prancing obscenely in the spotlight. A dancer since age 3 and a performer from the womb (stirring hiccup renditions of the Blue Danube), her dearest love is bringing her humor and exuberance to a captive audience. Currently based in St. Louis, but staunchly refusing to settle anywhere, ZiZi works independently as a performer of great poise and absurdity.


Ms. Valenti enjoys assuming and developing multiple characters and performing through each one's unique lens. Some of these are one-offs, like Salad Fingers, Count Von Mount, Acid Plum Fairy, and Bearded Biker Babe. Some are in for the long haul. There's Zoo Zoo Vee, an auguste clown who all too often finds herself at the center of an entire room's attention- terrifying! And then there's 1tini 2meni, who is consistently over boozed and under slept... whether you catch her in the middle of the binge or the morning after, the result is always staggering. More characters are in development, so watch out for other personas at a stage near you!

When in St. Louis, ZiZi is a regular guest performer with the Randy Dandies and Subversion STL, and frequently performs and models for Red Hot Productions. She has also appeared at Show Me Burlesque under the guise of Orgy, a quartet of St. Louis dancers. When she's not working in the burlesque world, and sometimes when she is, ZiZi performs as a belly dancer, available for solo shows at restaurants, bars, clubs, and private parties. She also works professionally in modern dance and creative movement.


Zoo Zoo Vee is always accidentally appearing in burlesque shows...

Perhaps she'll wander into one of yours?


Tongue-in-cheesecake: bringing laughter, surprise, and sex appeal to the stage with each performance.

Belly Dance

Whether performing Raks Sharqi dance or her own personal style of belly dance fusion, ZiZi fills the room with passion and energy.


Shock rock and glitter; perverse and bestial behaviors; sex and violence. What could be finer?

Coming Soon...

What's 5'7, commonly referred to as a dork, and has sexual intercourse as its primary function?

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