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HELLO, IT'S ZooZooVee!


The Clown That Couldn't Quite

ZooZooVee was found in a beautifully handwoven wicker basket by a family of dramadywolves in the early autumn of the year 2001, a space odyssey. Raised on upper class values such as red meat, old wine, girthsome chuckles, and sock garters, ZooZooVee grew to have a strong appreciation for the highbrow performance world. It was later revealed that ZooZooVee was likely the, now adult, child of a supremely wealthy, American autocrat, sent away to be fostered into leadership, like the great kings of yore, mainly King Arthur, the Great.

Although little can be known about ZooZooVee's true origins, even less can be certainly told about her current whereabouts and activities. She has been sighted sneaking into crowded theaters and bars, wreaking havoc in audiences across the nation. Our last received tip came from a man in a yellow hat who claimed to have seen young ZooZooVee escaping from one of the Bigger Top Circus caravans traveling through the dust bowl. It is unknown whether she was an employee or simply "banging the lions."

Please contact us here at ZEBRA (ZooZooVee Encounters Being Relayed, A+) with any information or photographic evidence of ZooZooVee Encounters.

Head ZEBRA, ZooZooVee

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