Greenward Turn

Greenward Turn Book Release Party write-up by Jason Sandford for, June 2010


"Greenward Turn tells the story of a tribe of fun-loving, capricious earth faeries gathered for their midsummer celebration. The book provides a faerie view on humanity. The Gnarlicorn clan are faeries with human blood, and that gives them a greater than average interest in the world of humans. The photographically-illustrated storybook is presented as a limited edition hand-bound artist’s book and as a commercially printed paperback.


The catalyst for the book was performance artist, Blaize D’Angio, who had an idea to costume and photograph several friends as a tribe of earth faeries. D’Angio chose the idyllic Riverside Cemetery as the setting. An Asheville City Park on the National Register of Historic Places, the cemetery lies on 87 acres and provides an atmosphere of both earthly beauty and otherworldliness.


Together Lounsbury and D’Angio developed the concept, and the two, who are mother and daughter, spent many days over the summer of 2009 choreographing the photo shoots. Lounsbury photographed over twenty costumed models, most of them local residents. D’Angio created the faeries’ distinctive look with costumes, hair, and make-up."

Book release was held in June 2010 at Sean Pace Gallery and 5 Walnut Wine Bar in Asheville, NC.

A photography and narrative collaboration with Black Mountain based artist Mary Lounsbury, creating and chronicling the adventures of the Gnarlicorn Faeries.

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